Monday, January 16, 2012

3 Day Weekend, 3 Degrees, 3 Miles

Ok, people! I'm alive! I will admit that I forgot I had a blog. But I do. And here is a new post.

Because it was a 3 day weekend Kim, Kat, Mackenzie and I decided to take advantage of the extra day and go camping! (becuase yes, it's January, but no, it is still not snowy, and yes, we are crazy!)

Friday night we drove down to Goblin Valley, which is like 4 hours south of Provo and in the middle of the blissful desert. We set up camp and got a fire going and it was quite quite cold, but for several reasons (we were in the southern Utah and under the illusion of warmth, we wanted to look at the stars, and we didn't want to put the tent away in the morning) we didn't put the tent up that night.

Our bodies were ok. Our toes were NOT. I was in legitimate fear of frostbite but that's what we get for not putting the tent up! It was still a joyous night of sleep under the wide expanse of stars. Later research revealed that the estimated temperature that night was THREE DEGREES!!!- a record for that day in history. WE ARE CRAZY (and stupid. yes.)

But it was gorgeous in the morning and Kim and I went running (even though it felt at first like we were running on blocks of wood becuase we couldn't feel our feet haha.)

That little person you can barely see on the road is me running! Cool, eh!?

We hit the road and hiked a canyon nearby. Still cold (better than 3 degrees haha) but awesome! 8 mile hike and no outbursts or complaints.

Hahah we were not intentionally posing for the next edition of Canyoneer's World magazine in this picture haha

I don't remember what family blog race rewarded me with this hat, but I was so so happy to be wearing it the whole time, I kept saying "I am just so happy to be wearing this hat!" and then I would catch a reflection of myself in the car window or see my shadow and think "what is this ridiculous hat I am wearing!?" But it still thrilled me to no end

After the canyon we journeyed to Goblin Valley! It's this sweet valley where erosion and tides have sculpted the rocks away to be these crazy goblin little gremlins. It was SO COOL!

The best part was it wasn't one of those lame state parks they rope off or anything, you could just run around like a hooligan and do whatever you wanted! I felt like a wild indian child!

They kind of look like yams or monkey bread, huh? (And i'm talking about the rocks, not the girls haha)

This is crazy and legitimately happened on accident, but Kim and I were just running around and it is so easy to climb everything and so we had no idea but all of a sudden we just found ourselves on top of this huge wall!!!! This picture is Kat looking up at us...

....and this one is us looking down at Kat. CRAZY we had no idea we were so high we just all of a sudden were.


What a good group of troupers!

Carters, I don't think it's that far from your house. Fun trip!!! Or maybe you've already been? Just be warned that when you leave Green River, there isn't gas for LONG time, so get some there.

No, we did not get so close to running out of gas that we were coasting on flat roads and driving 3 miles more than my gas tank has ever gone and were only saved by the good grace of some random spot on the map called Ferron....

But we all lived to tell the tale, and the day back at home with no school or work was a good day to do everything we didn't do on Saturday. Well, that is too say, all the boring stuff we didn't do!

Go to Goblin Valley! You will not be disappointed!

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