Sunday, August 31, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 29/30/31: Birthday and beyond!

Such a joyous birthday! I could not have asked for more. 

Friday I skipped work (hooray!) and got ready for the trip. We left a little late, but then it didn't matter cus I was on a road trip with Billy, against all odds, and we were going to Colorado to hike Pikes Peak! This week Billy sacrificed so much and worked so hard and did so many impossible things to make it happen, but you better believe that guy loves me cus it did happen. I am infinitely grateful, it was another life saving trip. 
Usually this is a picture of Billy driving, but I did drive a lot!
 We drove and drove and it was beautiful and arrived in Colorado late on Friday night/Saturday morning. Mom and Dad and Doug gave us the best greeting (may Sydney rest in peace, I sure missed her running to say hello to me upon my arrival! Oh wait...that never ever happened. But still. Missed seeing her curled in her garage hole and waving at her from a distance). Then we went to bed around 1:30.

Woke up at 4:40! Woo! Packed up and took off! 

Looooooong story short, it was SO FUN! If that is a sufficient description, read no more. If you want to hear the looooong version, read on!

We started hiking around 6 and made fantastic time up to Barr Camp. The mountain was busy! And so full of countless memories! I love love love love Pikes Peak! I was so happy. we took a quick little stop at Barr Camp then kept trucking.

The traditional picture at the top of the switchbacks. 

Billy using our awesome LifeStraw--it totally worked! 

When we made it to treeline, we were already feeling a little elevation, but feeling good. Made it there in 4 hours or so. I was SO happy that Billy legitimately loved the whole thing and thought it was such a cool mountain. I was worried, cus it's not like Utah mountains and he loves those so much. But he loved it! 

 But i do believe it was also way harder than he expected. We were moving slow at the top, but it was beautiful and fun and wonderful to feel the goodness of no oxygen headaches and heart pounds. To me, anyway, haha I don't know if Billy liked it that much. But he was still a smiling trooper all the while. 

We were super tired when we got to the top, and had been debating the whole time whether we should go up and down or not, but when there were no parents in sight at the top and Billy's head was hurting pretty bad, we decided to just get down fast by just hiking down! I'd never done that before and it turned it into a whole different hike. So fun!

Yeah! Pikes Peak with Billy!

When we stopped at Barr Camp on the way down, squirrels were just literally eating out of Billy's hands! I couldn't believe it. It was crazy. 

We hiked the rest of the way down, and we were pretty tired, but it was fun and beautiful. We were glad to be down when we were down, but never reached the point of just being so miserable we didn't want to hike a single step more. So that was good. Oh Pikes Peak! How much I loved it!

We went to Grandpa and Grandma's house for a delicious krautranza dinner and a birthday song on the accordion from Mom! 

Today we drove home and it was beautiful and fun. Since Billy was hot most the drive but the air conditioning made me cold and my vents don't close, we found another useful purpose for Grandma's traditional gift: 

A pretty grand trip! We are home and happy. Thanks for reading the August blogs! While I did quite enjoy all the posting, it will probably be awhile before the next one. Happy August!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 28: Visiting Teaching

Some of the very top highlights of my day were THIS and THIS, particularly 
hahahaha CharlyAnn is so funny!

But also some highlights were that my co-worker bought cupcakes for our department because my birthday is on Saturday. They were all themed and had cute little back to school things on them. Here is a crayon cupcake. 

Also, I went visiting teaching and it was joyous! I've had this girl for probably close to a year and a half and at the beginning, like always, we were awkward, but now we are dear friends! I have so much faith and confidence and happiness in the visiting teaching program because this is delightfully not the first time such a transition has taken place and I love when that happens! Also, my companion, who is battling some morning sickness because she is pregnant with her second child so didn't come this time, is also SO great. She is a very recent convert and she and her husband are champions. I love the testimonies of converts because they are so pure and sincere and new. 

I didn't take any pictures, but the girl I VT is great and her baby's name is Wyatt and her husband has pet geckos and is Billy's secretary. Thus, joy. 

Then my visiting teachers took me to frozen yogurt (which you know that I love!) for my birthday/one of their birthdays was last week/the other one is about to start school. 

Again, at the beginning of this friendship, like always, we were awkward, but I now consider them some of my dearest friends. They are so funny and we are all pretty much your regular newlyweds but come from such interesting and different backgrounds. They were THRILLED to learn that I was part Asian and couldn't believe it. And they were amazed at the names in this family. 

Visiting teaching! Sometimes I wish I could write the second volume of Daughters in My Kingdom because I just want to tell so many stories of precious moments where a girl I knew nothing about and really had no technical reason to care about became one of my greatest friends and stalwart exemplars. In my singles ward I visit taught a girl that had been inactive and she was just coming back into the church, and she looked like maybe she did different things than me for fun, so I was super nervous and thought maybe I would have to go in a teach her how to be a good member and blablabla but no! I learned so much from her and we became very good friends. I love it! 

Anyway. That's pretty much it. Billy has sat down twice since he got home and both times he has fallen plum(b?) asleep in a matter of seconds. But he still smells very strongly of grass so I am going to wake him up so he can shower and go to bed for real!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 27: Just stuff. Just normal.

Not much to report here. At lunch Jamie came to my house to pick up some dress up clothes and Trey pooped his pants. But. No diapers in her car, and no diapers at my house. So. Trey wore a pad. hahah!

Had cross country practice. Good. 

Did laundry and worked on computer stuff, which is what Billy is looking at so intently. Also good. 

Came home to this crazy guy in our house. Left him there. Maybe not so good. 

And we went shopping and of course had to buy some double stuffed EL Fudge cookies, cus Jamies was sharing them with me at lunch and I wanted more. Splurge.  

That's all. Goodnight!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 26: Guardians

I ran up Squaw Peak today. It was awesome and soo many trees are turning or have already completely turned orange! It's crazy! What is going on, it's only August, I don't recall this happening so early in the year!

But it did make for a beautiful run. Someone put an American flag up there since I was there last, which I had suspected since as of late I have been able to see something up there that wasn't there before. It was pretty cool. And I was the only one on the mountain. And they were filming a commercial in Rocky Canyon. I only had my phone at the end of run, so the end view is the only picture I got. 

Can't see the flag, but it's up there. 

Me and Billy got home around the same time, ate dinner then Andy wanted to go see Guardians of the Galaxy while Summer was at Ellen's wedding. So we went! It was great! We had a gift card and after using it to pay for the tickets, we had $1.25 left and so we bought a box of milk duds, which I ate basically before the previews were over. (Previews: Good! Into the Woods and also what looks like an entertaining version of Annie!)

Anyway, the movie was pretty good and pretty funny and then we came home and I was getting ready for bed just now and I was just talking away to Billy and went to take my shirt off to change into PJs and felt something on the hem of my shirt. I looked down and FREAKED out because there was some large, skinny snail looking creature clinging to my shirt!!! We both yelled and I was gonna touch it but then didn't know what it was so we were just yelling and being grossed out and Billy was like "What is it!?" and as I was yelling "I DON'T KNOW!" a thought came into my head that explained the creature to me and so what actually came out of my mouth in one moment as I was saying what I was already planning to say (I don't know!) and then what I knew I needed to say because of the thought I had about the creature, was, " I DON'T KNOW IT'S A MILK DUD!" 

Thank goodness that's all it was! We sure laughed after that!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 25: I knew I should've put real pants on

So we're just livin life, you know? And we have this business and today Billy's last guy quit on him. Like he found out today that today was his last day. So while that's just generally not ok, it's also especially rough cus this week is already crazy with Billy trying to stay on track with his project and start school next week and still do his lawns and on and on and we were/are planning on going to hike Pikes Peak this weekend for my birthday. So the stars just did not align on this one.

Anyway, so we're all tired, don't get dinner until 9 tonight and only have enough effort to get little caesar's and we're just eating while we're talking about every possible option of who could help Billy and how we can make the schedule work and whether we can still swing a trip to Colorado. Eventually we just laughed imagining ourselves in X years looking back on this and so many nights like it where we are just hopeless, helpless little young 'uns trying to figure stuff out. "Hey Billy," I'll say in X years when we're rollin in it and have billions of employees, "remember that one time your guy quit on you and we were just asking the little caesar's guy if he'd come help you mow lawns?" 

And he'll say, "Yes, Krista, and all we had for dinner was hot 'n' ready s? Those were the days!" And he'll laugh then sign the huge landscape contract his assistant Giles just brought him on a silver little tray with a feather quill. 

So of course we had to take a picture so our posterity appreciates where we started. 

And of course then we had to find some chocolate to console ourselves and we decided we could just walk down to the gas station and grab a snickers. I was wearing my chicken cow pants that now have a hole in the bum and I thought, "Hm, I should probably put on some normal pants." But it was dark outside and we were going to the most deserted gas station on this planet and would only be there for like 2 seconds, so the farm animals stayed. 

Well, we got to the gas station, and who should be getting out of his fancy truck but our neighbor two houses down, who is so cool and really trendy too. When they moved in, we tried to be friends with them and they were super friendly, but we are in different phases of life so it didn't quite work out. And you know, that always makes you feel like you wanna still try and be cool when you're around them. Well, I had my cow pants on. So. There goes that. 

But we surveyed the candy bars at the same time and talked about stuff and he grabbed some candy for his wife and kids and all was well and Billy was still super cool around him but geez...

....I knew I should've put real pants on!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 24: Just a good ol' Sunday

Yep, just a good ol' Sunday. Meetings, church and hanging out. 

I successfully took a picture of my co-counselor teaching sharing time. Today I just conducted, which is always a relief cus teaching makes me so nervous! She did great. 

Me and Billy harvested our first (and probably only) ear of corn. We had some serious issues with space, grasshoppers, earwigs and heat so the crop was rather pathetic. But this one ear sure was good!

And that's about it! Happy Sabbath!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 23: Finally! An exciting day!

Missed blogging yesterday, which is fine cus nothing exciting happened. 

Last night there was an INCREDIBLE storm. It woke and Billy up in the middle of the morning and it was loud thunder. Still not the loudest I've ever heard (can't beat Pikes Peak), but pretty loud!

I got up and it had stopped raining, but there was snow on Timp! I went on a wonderful, so cool, amazing, refreshing and awesome run. it was so fun and I was soaking wet afterwards! Not cus it was still raining, but everything on the trail was wet, so I was too. 

Then me and Bum went to the farmer's market and got honey sticks and lunch!! It was so fun! Childhood!

Then I worked with Billy! I don't know if I quite redeemed myself from last time I worked with him, but I think I did all right. 

Then we went to Morinda's company party. We didn't win anything, but there was really good food and it was fun to avoid people I know when there were people I knew all over the place. We still had to have pleasant conversations with a lot of people, but it was ok. 

There were tons of crazy bounce houses but we did not go in any of them. 

Then we drove to Alpine to go to a backyard concert in a backyard that Billy is redoing next summer, but we got there at 8 and it wasn't until 9, so we skipped out on it and drove around to see some HUGE Alpine mansions instead. 

Then we went and hung out with Billy's mom, Melo and Melo's roommate. It's Cynthia's and John's anniversary today. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 21: uh....

Today is one of those days where I regret saying I would blog every day because virtually nothing remarkable happened. But, on the off-chance that it's not remarkable to me because I do it every day, I am going to remark on it in great detail to you and maybe you will think it is remarkable because you've never done it. Or maybe you won't read any of this and that's totally fine cus I sure wouldn't if I knew how unremarkable it is, which I do. 

Wake up at 6:50 (50 minutes after Billy's alarm), shower, makeup, dressed, breakfast/lunch, scriptures, garden, drive to work and listen to 97.9

Get to work, check gmail, facebook and blogs, work on emails

Meeting at 9:30 about Nigeria importation and steps for improvement. My assignment is to make a picture tutorial for all importers on using OTIIS. 

More emailing. Check Tahiti inventory. Brain fried. 

Department meeting at 11. Sara reports on trips to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Elizabeth reports on trip to Colombia, Jason reports on trip to Tahiti. Zina reports on the visit from the Ghanians. Jason definitely had the best stories cus he got to be on TV and play on the Air Tahiti basketball team. 

More emails.

Lunch in the gardens, typing up my journal while relishing my time away from my desk. Being in the gardens makes it seem ok that I'm still in front of my computer. 

More emails. More Tahiti inventory. Check Paylution & expired checks for Ghana, Kenya and Benin. 

Accept gift from Elizabeth's trip to Colombia, as adorably shown below. It is adorable, and I love it, the only problem is, there's no way for it to connect to my existing string of USBs. I'll figure it out. (Max is our product, that's why it's precious.)

Research hiking King's Peak. 

Inventory meeting at 3:30. Request product for UAE. Jerry says we're out of sleeves. 

More emails. Start on OTIIS picture tutorial. 

Start counting minutes. 

Drive home listening to no radio. 

Buy a cake and drop it off at someone's house (this is not normal, just FYI. Ha. If only I were cool enough to take a cake to someone every day)

Start making dinner. Billy comes home.

Eat dinner (fancy hoagies with all garden grown vegetables). Billy leaves to do just a little more work.

Paint my nails (red toes, pink fingers) 

Welcome Billy home, talk about the business, church and the parallels between the two. 

Write a blog post. Billy reads Dirt Rider.

Cross stitch. 

Go to bed. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 20: Cross Country JOY!!!!

Today was cross country practice!! It was so joyous. And there were soo many  more kids today. 

I get so nervous for practice for some reason. All day I was so nervous. I had to keep telling myself that it's just like primary, except I don't have to keep the kids reverent and it's only for one hour and not two and I don't have to do the same exact thing twice. But then I think about how I don't always have much success in getting kids in primary to listen to me and I get nervous again. I just want the cross country kids to be inspired and become great runners and love running as much as I do, so it makes me nervous to think about actually doing that when there are 25 10 yr olds all chatting it up!

But it was still great! And good news (bad news, I thought at first) there was a high school cross country meet at Kiwanis! So i thought we wouldn't have any room to practice, but they didn't race till later. So we did a lap around kiwanis, which about destroyed half the kids and then we played capture the flag!

It was so funny. After we got demolished the first game, I told one little seemingly inconspicuous girl to go hide the flag under one of the cones the HS kids were using for their meet. It was perfect cus everyone else was distracted, until she yelled out, "No one look at me!!" haha so of course everyone did. 

It's ok, because then she had the great idea to make everyone believe she hid it in the tree even though it was in the cone haha. So soon our whole team is yelling at the top of their lungs so the other team is sure to hear, "EVERYONE, GUARD THE TREE!! IT'S IN THE TREE!" 

Which of course is the perfect cue for the other team to look everywhere but the tree haha. It was joyous!

Also, this girl caught a praying mantis!

So then it was also way more joyous than I expected when the high school kids started racing! So many pure and wonderful memories came back to me! I honestly have spent so long in the not competitive running world that I forgot how much I loved cross country with all my soul. It was so fun. It was so thrilling to see all the girls running in a line and knowing exactly what they were thinking, and it was awesome to hear their coaches yell the exact same things my coaches would yell at me in the 3 seconds they had as we ran by. It was such sweet nostalgia. I was so excited for you, Seeg. How fun and joyous!

Maybe you can't see them, but there is a line of runners on the other side of the park. Cross country bliss!

It was a great day at the park. I love cross country! Also, primary on weekdays! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 19: Ghana and Fall

It's always interesting meeting someone with whom I've had extensive email correspondence in person for the first time. Today our importer and his assistant from Ghana came to Provo to have some meetings with us. It was just another funny adventure that you have if you work for an international company! I email with both of them all the time, but today was the day of actual meeting.

I didn't take any pictures, but I wish I could've somehow. They were such Ghanians! And their accents were too! It was cool! The importer asked me to get a hotel for them weeks ago and I, knowing nothing about hosting international guests, just got them the one closest to Noni. How was I supposed to know it was also the most ghetto one! Haha!

So i was already embarrassed about putting our guests in an ghetto hotel, and then after our meeting we took them to lunch and they said they wanted anything spicy and that thai sounded fine, but we took them to such a ghetto little Thai place (which also happens to be our go-to department lunch outing place). Haha the guy got a real shock when he ordered wine and there was no such thing for miles around!

Oh, and we also had to dispel the Mormon polygamy myth. Haha. And they didn't really like the food cus it wasn't actually spicy. 

But other than all the mishaps, it was a very good and productive visit and I was glad to know they were generally jolly people. Business people, for sure, but jolly business people. And hopefully I don't get in trouble for writing about work on my blog. 

And the leaves are turning already. I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but every day I can see more orange up on the mountains, though I have yet to see it when I'm running. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 18: Dentist!!!!

Today I had to go to the dentist. It was not a pleasant experience. First of all, this is the third time I had to reschedule this particular appointment to get a crown because my dentist kept having back problems, so I was excited to go in and finally just get everything done. 

I went there with the intention of using the time as my lunch break so I wouldn't have to submit too many sick hours (seeing as I used up pretty much all of them when I was down with mono), but when I got there, they sat me in the chair and I stayed there for a whole hour before anyone even came! Rough. 

Then the dentist drilled and drilled and drilled and it was not good. The assistant had asked if I was in a hurry and I told her that I was supposed to be at work and so the doctor thought I needed to get out of there as soon as possible (true) but that meant he didn't even put on the permanent crown! So i have to go back again in two weeks! Poo!

Anyway. Now I have a temporary crown. 

Like you can see it. 

In other good news, Billy finished his big project today!! It ended up looking soo great and it will look even better in a few years as the plants start to grow like real plants and such. I don't have pictures of the whole finished product yet, but hopefully I will post those tomorrow. Here is a sneak peek for now: 

Pictures don't give it the depth it has in real life and thus do not do it justice. But it looks sweet!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 17: Pocketful of money!

I've been saving this little gem for a day in August when I didn't really have anything too interesting to say (though we did enjoy a lovely day at church and a pleasant evening with the Perezes, Lindes and Mom). 

I received it in a forward at work from one of my contacts in Africa. I occasionally get these strange, quirky emails from various distributors and they make me laugh. 

Hopefully in 4 days I will have a pleasant monetary surprise, but if not, oh well. I already find myself without a clue of what's going on in my life! It's no laughing matter! 

The good news is, somehow I am still laughing!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 16: Looking Back, Looking Forward--a personal post

What an interesting day today was. Two years ago today (meaning the 3rd Saturday in August, not necessarily the 16th), I was in Colorado cheering on Kim Stevens as she ran the Ascent. (As an impressive side note, today, Allie McLaughlin, the tiny, crazy Air Academy runner I competed against in high school, won the women's division of the Ascent!) 

Looking back on that day two years ago, it was also an interesting day. Even though I was on my favorite mountain with one of my favorite people and I spent the rest of the day with Mom and Dad, I remember feeling unsettled, distant and weird. I thought it might be because I had recently gotten engaged and maybe sometimes engaged people feel that way. As I was about to talk to Mom and Dad about it, I got the call from Billy telling me that his dad had died that day. 

You guys, there aren't really words to say here. It was easily the worst day of my life up to that point. There were/are so many hard days after that. Some of the saddest, most heartbreaking images and experiences of my life took place in the next several days. There is no way to describe the heaviness that surrounds that event, and I even feel like I was kind of "once removed" from that tragedy, being the fiance of the child, and not the actual child. Still so hard. 

One year ago today-ish, Billy and I went with his family to release Carolina blue balloons at Billy's dad's grave. It was also an interesting event, but the kids were adorable and sincere and everyone was casually brave. I maintained my usual quiet manner that I learned to adopt in such times, but inside I was also maintaining a newly found pride in my ever-growing belly and constant happiness that I would soon be adding to this family that had become so dear to me. 

Crazy what can happen in life! 

Today me and Billy went to hang out with his mom, she without her husband, us without our child and all three of us looking back and looking forward. Oh, how many conversations about grief and loss and mourning and changes and mortality the three of us have had over the past two years! I love and admire Billy's mom so much and am amazed at the things we can kind of figure out together, even though we still have absolutely no idea what is going on or what exactly we should do to progress. She said today, as she has said before, that even though losing John was not pleasant or anything that she had asked for or ever wanted, she is grateful for the awareness she now has of everything and everyone. It's not pleasant, but we feel like we are more able to really mourn with those that mourn where before we may not have even known they were mourning. It's just crazy how the Lord's plan works, but I know that it is the Lord's plan! 

Looking back, it's crazy that it's been two years since Billy's dad died, and looking forward, we have no idea what is ahead of us. But I've got Billy and I sure am grateful that I also have a great relationship with Cynthia and above all else, we have the gospel. Ultimately, whether we are looking back or looking forward, we try and look as eternally as we can. Some days that helps, some days it's perfectly useless, but everyday it reminds us that we are not in control so we just need to submit to and trust in the Lord. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 15: Real Life

We are back to real life after a most wonderful family reunion! Morinda was the same as always and Billy did a lot of work still (but thanks to good help from Andy, it didn't take him nearly as long), but the good news is, it was a wonderful surprise every time I was so upset it was Monday and then realized it was actually Friday!!! 

More bounteous harvest

To further ease our return into real life, we decided to take a trip to our very favorite dessert outing that we really intend to make special by not going there very often, but it's our favorite, so we go there pretty often--Yogurtland!!

It is a magical place. When you come in, you get two little cups to use as sample cups (and I forgot to take a picture, but they line up the sets of two cups, which look like sacrament cups, in this plastic container with holes for little cups, and it just looks a little too much like a sacrament tray to really be ok. But they are Yogurtland so they do whatever they want!)

Anyway, you get your cup and choose your flavors from such delicious flavors. 

Then you load up with twice the amount of toppings, the best of which include poppers, cookie dough bites, mini reeses cups, heath crumbs, gummy bears and caramel. Billy really likes to get kiwi and strawberries, but i'm all about the candy. 

Then for some reason, the whole inside is very loud--really poor acoustics and always very crowded and seemingly made of metal, so we always go eat in the car. 

One time I was so excited to eat but I was also buckling my seat belt (even though we were just going to be sitting in the parking lot, it is just a habit right when I get in the car) and my delicious toppings spilled everywhere! Goodbye heath crumbs and most of the gummy bears!! But when we took this picture, Billy accidentally let some of his toppings spill out! Still delicious!

Anyway, we just sit there and shine our headlights on awkward teens that also can't stand to be inside the building. There is always some entertaining first date or high school hangout that we can laugh about. 

Boo real life, but yay yogurtland!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 8-14: Reunionizing

8. I am in a church parking lot in Cedar City mooching internet because 
9. the house we are staying in for the family reunion has no internet
10. so I have not met the au-gust obligation of blogging every day but
11. when I get home I will be back on track but
12. right now it doesn't matter because everyone who reads my blog has been doing all the things i've been doing for the past 5 days and the next 2, including 
13. running, sleeping, eating, fishing, shooting, laughing, gaming, N64ing, storytelling, family historying, dirt biking and 
14. picture taking, believe it or not, cus I have not a single picture of the whole dang thing!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 7: Ready for lift-off!

Actually, we're not actually even close to ready for lift-off yet! There is still a lot of packing, truck-cleaning, bike-loading, stuff-finding, landscaping, truck-picking-upping, dumping-grass-ing, picking-up-Willis-ing, answering-Morinda-email-ing and much, much more to do before we leave for the family reunion in the morning, but we are excited!

Our progress of packing... better get a move on!

See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 6: LaDon FARTED ON MY FREAKING COUNTER!

Cross country practice was a huge success! It was so fun and so much easier than primary!

Also, the Lindes are less than 20 hours away from being official home owners, and they are staying in our house to celebrate! It is joyous to see LaDon!

Who looks like Daniel! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 5: Our Outfits!

Today was a busy day for both of us, and tomorrow will be even busier! Always seems to work like that when you are getting ready to leave town. 

Billy worked all day so hard in the very wet rain. This picture does not do it justice (and has kind of a weird angle to it...) But he was filthy and wet and obviously looked like he worked hard all day. 

I got my shirt that I will wear when I am coaching cross country, which starts tomorrow! I am soooo excited and so nervous and also haven't even planned what is going to happen so hopefully it is ok! There are about 20 kids on the team, and it is going to be an adventure!

I had to go to the police department to get a background check and it was scary. There was an angry patron in there and he asked me what I was doing there because obviously I did not look like the other people that you might expect to be at the police department. It was an adventure!

I also taught at my RS activity tonight about digital organization! It was great and fun. Tomorrow, if you are lucky, I will upload pictures of Billy's project! But only if my computer is also less slow than it has been of late. I can't believe how long it takes to upload my pictures!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Au-gust it's my turn 4: Po ta toes

 Two years ago today Billy proposed to me while I sat on this very wall: 

awww romantic!

This is a picture of the water feature in front of the new Provo Rec Center, which doesn't really have any significance besides the fact that I went there today to fill out new employee forms for my new job as the cross country coach for the Provo team! Woot!

Also, Morinda gave me a delicious birthday cake since it is birthday month 

aaaand the potatoes I was sure were goners because they've turned into nothing but spindly, withering stalks as of late actually produced some real live potatoes! And there are many more (and bigger!) where these came from! Gardens are amazing!