Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three Day Weekend!

Twas a good weekend! We went to the volleyball game vs. PU (I'd hate to have to cheer for that stinky team) and we dominated them. HOLY men's volleyball is sweet and good and those people are huge!

It was joyous to bond with my roommates and right at the moment when I was mentioning my idiosyncratic Book of Mormon to them, I looked down at the bleachers below, and who should be standing there, but Bro. Wilson himself!
It was one of the more ironic moments of the night, and we think that next to him was the wayward son he always mentioned in class. I only wish you all knew his strange idiosyncracies, he is the quirkiest old man ever, and he cheered just as strangely as he taught class!
After the twins went home to Layton for the weekend, we had days of fun, including a twister battle and a trip to the nickle arcade! It was so fun!! And it reminded me of a)Manitou Springs, so that was fond B) all the hours i wasted away in my childhood playing arcade games on our computer and C) our new year's trip to chuck e cheese! Elise and I were sad Rach and Chels were gone, but I won enough tickets to buy us all a pair of blowy lips. So we still bonded once they got home by making up a blowy lip language.

The four of us have decided to stick together next year, even though we were surprised Elise still wanted our loudness around. We are more than joyous to have her though!

That's all. Just thriving!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Right now I am sitting in the upper level of the Wilk, people watching between my classes while I eat lunch. You can tell because I took a picture of it and now it is on my blog. That's pretty crazy! I just took a picture, imported it to my computer, connected to the internet, opened up my own personal blog, uploaded the picture on it, and now you are looking at what I am looking at in this same instant! I took the picture at 1227 and now it's 1230 and the whole process is done. Whoa! Now that is crazy! Technology is cool!

I just finished reading and discussing King Lear in my english class, which is a great class. I have never been scared in an english class before, but now I am with old, married people who are smart, but it's going great and I really liked King Lear.

Hm.... 30 seconds later and you also got an update of the last hour of my life. Weird!

Just thought you might appreciate an update, and since it only took me five minutes, there you go!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back Again!

Roommates have never been dearer, classes have never been more enlightening, food has never been scarcer, BYU has never been more endearing, winter has never been colder, and life has never been better!

I really like all my new classes, and I already feel like I have a better feel for college things than I did before and I can't wait to learn more! Someone actually asked me for directions on campus today! (I had no idea where he was talking about, but I pointed in a direction and pretended!!!) (Just kidding, I kind of knew, but you know how I am with directions!)

My new calling is Relief Society Greeter! I am so excited!

We got 25 new boys in the ward and 4 new girls! Most of the boys are weird RMs, but they do give quite better sacrament talks than everyone else, so that's good.

I have quite nothing interesting to say, but I did my poem for ward prayer. And my roommates and I literally spent more than 42 straight hours in each other's presence!!! We didn't even leave our apartment for a whole miserably glorious day of unproductivity! It was so fun and terrible!

And we went to a dance. And I don't really have any pictures to put up....Sorry, Bum.
Dinner at the end of the unproductive day. We finally got enough gumption to go to the temple (even though I shniked in with Charina's reccomend hahaha but hey! I guess if she's worthy enough to be married I can tell a little lie to get into the temple on her reccomend!) (That's a joke. It was all clear and worthy even though, yes, my actual reccomend is in Virginia) Anyway, we look a LOT better there than we did all day. I didn't even want to post our day pictures becuase they were so rough.
This dance was a rockstar dance but I was at campus watching a movie for a class, so I had no goodness, which made me sad. Alas, it was incredibly fun anyway!