Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You were all there!

Welp. The wedding happened!


What a joyous occasion! Yay Bum n Andy. Good luck in taking up your perezidence.

Also, life goes on.
Lise. Rockin the skinnies and matching free t-shirt 

Lise. Buying....a boobie trap?

Billy. Just because.

Becky. My freebird, providencial, God's-hands-roommate. Remember her? Exotic as ever.

Up next?

Who knows!
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I have not blogged since June 6th

Since then, however, I have participated in many blogworthy adventures. Including

Top of Zion Relay!
It was some 200 miles from Capitol Reef to Zions and it was AWESOME! There were two vans and veryone ran three legs and we started at 10:30 Friday morning and ran until 11:00 Saturday morning. It was crazy, but so fun and so exhausting and so beautiful and a grand ol adventure.


My legs were actually all pretty hard, with a 9.5 leg at the very start (uphill and in the heat of the morning) and an 8 mile leg in the middle (flat, dry and SO hot. i was anticipating running in the evening but we all ran too fast, so when it was my turn to run again we were still in the heat of the evening. SO hot. death) and then i dozed in and out of slumber until my leg at 3:30 in the morning, which was 3 miles long. I think I had the greatest total mileage, but there were definitely some legs that were harder than mine.)
We actually won, which was pretty cool cus we started 2 hours after everyone and finished 2 hours before them all. Sweet.

Anyway, it was so fun. And Utah is so pretty.
(Side note, I didn't have any pictures but on the way home I stopped at Billy's endurocross dirt bike race and it was insane. and so hilarious. I have never seen so many crazies contained in one arena just going for it like some kind of wildmen, but it was really fun. And he did good.)

Also, my ward had a boat trip. That was fun.

We had all these hammocks strung up it was crazy. Lise and I were so scared on the tubes, we did nothing but scream our lungs out the entire time so we got made fun of so much for how loud and long we could yell, but i'm telling you, when your life is on the line, there is no holding back.

Also, Mackenzie ran a marathon!!!

She rocked it!! She did so good and had so much fun, and I had a blast gallivanting up and down Provo Canyon with Kim to watch her. Also, Billy decided to run it also, even though he didn't actually plan to run the whole thing--he did.  

I ran some with him. haha.

Also, my roommate Diana waited for her missionary who she's known since third grade and he got home. And they were engaged 9 days later. Whoa!

You probably can't read those, but they are ties that say "Welcome Home Elder Wake"

Also, we still camp. It is joyous.

Also, all my roommates left. Kat is gone to Oregon, probably forever, and everyone else just went home or, in Elise's case, to California. Brenda moved back to Idaho with the intention of getting married to Ryan, but now she is going to Washington with the intention of doing some soul searching.

I am sad to not have my roommates around because that is a core group right there, people. But we are still bonded and they are doing fine.

I went to Colorado with Billy and we saw the mountain start on fire. :(
I have an internship that is not so bueno and a job that is very  bueno.
I worked Stadium of Fire which was awesome. We were walking around cleaning the stadium beforehand and people started coming in and I saw this man flanked by security guards and then I looked at the man and froze when I realized it was Pres. Uchtdorf!!! And then i was still frozen and trying to get Billy to see him or seomthing but I couldn't but then Billy did see him and he just stuck out his hand and Pres. Uchtdorf just shook it! And I was still frozen!
Summer is getting married in 13 days! We will all be united in less than that!
Life is good!
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