Sunday, September 25, 2011


It's football season, and I am lucky enough to get to work the football games! I work in the VIP tent, and there is just bounteous amounts of surprises in there, becuase who knew watching BYU could be such a luxurious experience!?

It's crazy, these people eat a NICE dinner before and then at half they come back for hot dogs and popcorn and then after we have vacuumed the whole place, they come back after the game for veggies, chocolate milk, and cookies to watch the post-game show. IT"S INSANE! But pretty awesome for me because I just walk around and take out trash and sweep and then vacuum my eyes out until we are all finished vacuuming the whole thing, which is turf carpet so it's kind of a pain, but then after that, I get to go clean the stadium!

Cleaning the stadium is SO FUN, even though it is disgusting and nasty. We are just running around LaVell Edwards Stadium in the wee hours of the morning, dancing to crazy music and dodging pillars in our crazy trash-filled trucks and bonding with real live grounds people! I also get to walk the field after the game and see how it played because then during the week I'm in charge of writing up a little evaluation for the athletic people so if media approaches them with turf questions, they can say something intelligent. I don't really make the evaluations, but I get to learn about them so when I write them up they sound a little better than if I didn't even know what tensile strength was (who knew such a thing was even important!?)

Also, Brenda and Ryan are officially together people! Just thought you'd all like to know haha. She is always glowing:)

I love my calling. I don't think I ever experienced trying to piece the beginnings of a ward together on a scale like this, but I know there are people who are still doing way more than our little presidency is doing. It's really great though, and this ward is shaping up to be quite good.

LIFE IS BUSY! But good. And, shout out to Summer, who made dinner for me and my roommates tonight. Best Southwest Chicken I've ever had on this side of the mountains :)
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

It happened again, ladies and gentlemen. Fame met fortune, and by that I mean good fortune.

I was walking across campus the other day on my way to work and reading the Daily Universe when I opened to a page that proclaimed the arrival of none other than BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY at UVU and I was so excited and so badly wanted to go see him, it almost made me cry that I would be at work and then at class during the time he was giving his lecture. I am no good at science, but Bill Nye certainly helped me through the hard times from Hinkle to Vavra.

I really really really really really wanted to go see him, but I just had to go to work and then I had to go to class and then I had to go back to work, so I just admitted defeat and went to work and turned on the devotional and listened to Elder Anderson give a nice talk on honesty.

Some good he did. I was so consumed hahaha that I emailed my professor and told her I was having some scheduling conflicts with a certain appointment and that I might be late and would that be a problem becuase I would do my best to get to class by 2:30?

Well, she said that would be fine and so when I left work like i usually do to go to said class, instead I drove my little Oldsmobile over to UVU and went to the lecture that had already been going on for an hour. I was surprised there were so many seats and I just kept inching my way from empty seat to empty seat until i was literally int he very front seat and BILL NYE the REAL SCIENCE guy was was standing right in front of me! I was just basking is his gloriuos science passion and he was saying so many great things and I knew i could just hop up after he was done and snap a picture with the purse real quick.

AND THEN! I realized there were so many seats open because their occupants were on the other side of the stage in a LINE that had already wrapped itself around the room!!!! I was devestated becuase I knew i had to go back to class, but I was so close to glory with the purse but I could not wait that long!

Haha never stopped me before! I went up to these students that were standing by the stage and I was dressed professionally and so I blended right in and I told them with great passion the story of the purse and my great passion for BILL NYE and they were so nice and so sympathetic--but told me to go talk to the kid on the other side of the stage. I did and I repeated my story and I had to talk over the din of people who had suddenly started talking because Bill had stopped but he was like... sure, just stand behind these three contest winners!

IT WAS AWESOME! I shinked a line of a billion people and BILL NYE and I took a picture and he held my purse even though he didn't want to! (and even though he isn't in that picture.... he really did hold it. haha)


And I still made it to the end of class and I still went back to work and I can still repent for a little bit of dishonesty (Elder Anderson never did warn against wily rhetoric....)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall and Summer!

It's been so long since I blogged that blogger won't cooperate and I can't seem to get all the pictures I wanted and this is definitely not the order I wanted for them, but life. is. good!

We had a ward activity called Six-Minute Speed Bonding (Unfortunately, we did not call is SMSB, but it was a roaring success nonetheless). We just had 6 different 6 minute games and it was joyous, but the BEST part was we had everyone wear something ridiculous just to get them out of their comfort zone since the objective was bonding. As nearly everyone was wearing random dress up clothes from my past, It was yet another moment where I thanked the day Mom told me to bring my dress up box to college.

Haha, just imagine! This kid had no idea he was wearing a mu-mu from my great-grandma's closet!

The girl on the left is my 24th roommate, Mackenzie. She is as dear as the dearest I've ever had and feisty as they come. We love her!

And of course, Brenda and Kelcey are still around!
(Side note, since I know you are all anxiously awaiting the update: Brenda came home from the summer where she reunited with her missionary, only to inform us she wasn't so sure about it anymore! We are still waiting in suspense to see what adventures will arise on the journey to Mt. Doom! Also, she is CRAZY! Way more large and in charge, and with as sharp as ears as ever. What a dear soul!)

2ft. Prosthetics is still thriving. We had a recruiting fair and I think it will help us draw in some good potential. Bueno.

I hiked Mt. Nebo with a bunch of peeps and Summer!!

It was GORGEOUS and so fun!

(NEBO) (If you couldn't tell)

It was SO pretty and So fun and the best part was, I was with Summer!

Summer and I also went with Elise and her little sister to go INDOOR SKYDIVING!!! I tried with all my might to get pictures on, but it wouldn't work so alas. It was AMAZING and we were just flying in the air!

Also, Elise threw me a surprise party.

School is SO busy, but good. I am in a creative writing class and a memoir class and a Shakespeare class, so I write like crazy ALL the time. Also--accounting. basdfljaoiusadf. Thank goodness for LaDon.

I was all excited to make a blog of all these adventures I'm having with Summer before she did because I thought she would, but nope! She is just having a joyous college life, and so donuts are the next best thing. Which is great!!! I always knew having Sum at BYU with me would be the best thing ever, and it is.

St. George in 3 weeks and counting!
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