Monday, May 28, 2012

This is what happened

I kept the key at my side since last Sunday night, just in case on some random whim
One of my roommates would check the mailbox, and find IT staring right back at them

I wanted the privilege to be all mine, when I knew I could see it was real
The white envelope with my name inscribed and the official First Pres'dency seal
And that moment came, when the door creaked open, and I saw it there inside
That day when I checked that mailbox of mine and knew its contents would certain'ly decide

It was in there, no doubt of the look, bent to fit in the box
And I stared at it long, a squeal building up, unable to touch it for shock
But it was there and it read Sister Krista Jae-Elrena Roy
And I grabbed it suddenly, not containing my joy

And I screamed and I laughed and I caused quite a stir, as the neighbors all poked out their heads
And I smiled and cried and looked at them all, at held up what had been imported
And they smiled and screamed and laughed but still, not one of them felt what I felt
Knowing a call from the prophet of God is what I in my own hands held

Not breathing, not thinking, I ran up to the house, all the while tears streaming so free
And I clutched to my chest the precious packet of papers the prophet had sent to me
And i went to the bathroom with only one hand, for I refused to let the note go
And I called all the people important to me so the good news they also could know

 And I ran back to the neighborhood, with no shoes to boot, still clutching the precious call
I found Summer and told her, and if they'd been there, I would have told Winter and Fall
I looked at the clock and looked at the seal and I hardly thought I could wait
Knowing that millimeters from my eyesight were the words to determine my fate

But wait I did, while making contacts, to you, my family so dear
Repeating my joyous news again because the high octaves you just couldn't hear
Sum n Andy held a span of the nation of top of their laps, and looking now at that past moment
I realized that I did too--and beyond--within that paper of great portent

And with skype all set and my closest friends gathered round, I sat on the vast doorstep
To which many have tiptoed and knocked timidly, to discover the most simple concept
I drew in a breath and I slit open the seal, already planning the glance
I would give to the paper to find the right words instead of giving patience a chance

(As if it mattered if I read through the formality
Since looking over my shoulder was one with extreme familiarity!)

I found them so fast I almost looked them right over, not sure if I knew what it said
And I had a conversation--longer than most--with me and myself in my head
Within those two seconds when i knew and they didn't, I felt too many emotions to count
All I could do was laugh and cry before my onlookers asked me to announce

So I did, with disclaimer, lest they think I made jest
And I skipped the "Sister Roy" and all of the rest
And told them with sudden joy right there
That I was called to serve in TEMPLE SQUARE!

And wouldn't you know, they were glad too!
And still left me standing, not sure what to do 
Then in a wave of joy and surprise
They swept me up with endearment and tears in their eyes

And the rest of the night and the rest of the week and, heck.. for the rest of eternity
I know that the call was extended to me for the Lord called me where he needs me to be
And I'm thrilled and surprised, and above all else, I feel JOY
For my call to serve him as Sister Roy!

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This Happened

In all your years of faithful readership, I don't think I have ever disappointed so heinously before. I apologize. But, things happen. And in fact

This happened...

I'm sad I don't have better pictures, but Kim, Elise, Rach, Chels, and I went down to Las Vegas for Tristram and Emily's wedding. It was SO HOT in Vegas but really fun to gallivant around, we were there for less than 24 hours, and we drove through the night to get home in time for Kim to get a flight to Co Spgs so she could see her brother come home from his mission!

Also, this happened

Besides the obvious fact that my camera broke, I still write for the Universe and it is still time consuming but enlightening. I like it.

This happened 

Brenda wrote all of us letters and sent us Dunk-a-roos. Next thing we know, she showed up in our house and is here with us now, which is one of the most joyous things becuase we have so missed her.

This happened 

I started interning with Community Action Services and Food Bank, which is nice, and we did a poverty simulation. Prominent leaders of the community came and adopted a random identity of a person living in poverty. They had some resources and were expected to live out a normal week of poverty in 15 minutes for a total of an hour long month in such a lifestyle. Really eye-opening. Anyway, I was the general employer (people had to come sit at my station for 7 minutes as part of their 15 to represnt a full time job) and I sat next to the mayor.

This happened 

Mackenzie's mom came into town and did healing/clearing/cleansing/energy movement stuff to me and Lise.....

This happened 

I crashed my road bike. That was, of course, after I had already
sprained my ankle
cut open my toe and
gashed open my finger with a grinder.

This happened 

My internship did a 5k and so i was in my element, putting it on for the people. Kim and Mackenzie ran it too! They rocked it.  

This happened too

Don't worry about where that is on my body, just know it is huge and colorful and a result of said bike crash

Long ago
This happened 

Mom and Dad and Bum and I went to Arizona for the Whiskey Row races. I ran the marathon and it was the sinlge most beautiful race course I have ever run except only for races cus i have run a lot of other beautiful places just in training. The point is, Bum also ran the half and rocked it! But got a few bad blisters. It was so fun! Uncle Henry and Aunt Marilee were so nice to host us and we did some nice bonding with them. Arizona was beautiful.  

We look a lot miserable than we actually were. We were only misrable in that moment for all other moments were immensely enjoyable. 

Yay fun Marathon Trip! Thank you, Uncle Henry and Aunt Marilee for the awesome time!

So those things, among other things happened. I wish I had pictures for them all. School is busy, internship is mediocre, work is great and life has never been better. I am so ebullient and all is well!
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