Monday, February 15, 2010

More I Suppose

I thought I had mastered blogger, but it is never to be done. Alas. Here are some photos of my recent life!
We had a huge formal/semi formal dance and getting ready was one of the best moments because we are all from all girl families and we've all played the "get-ready-for-the-dance" game a thousand times and so when we were all there getting ready together, scrounging for bobby pins, hunting for lotion, sewing each other into our dresses, screaming, rotating curling irons through the 2 plugs in our tiny bathroom, all squeezing into the tiny bathroom, etc, etc., it was glorious!
So here's the train, I'm sewing Rach into her dress that wouldn't quite zip up, and Rach is fixing Chels's hair. We all three then turned and did Elise's hair in 3 minutes before realizing i wanted to wear a different dress and fixing me into that one as the boys were knocking. It was fabulous!
We look kind of rough after some dancing. But it was fun!
This is us with the girls across the hall. They are pretty wild, but it was joyous.
They had a 10000 dollar budget for this dance, so there were limo rides! I mostly justl ike Rach's smile in this picture! It's huge!

WATER POLO!!! hahahahhahaha. Elise is about to fall out of her tube, as we all probably did 12 times each in this game. hahah.
This is a good picture becuase I am in the top pink tube, and that's rach in the one near the bottom of the picutre. And obviously, you an see we are just laughing at each other. We got slaughtered, but it was so fun.
We went to the gymnastics meet, which was just funny becuase EVERY time a girl does something, the ENTIRE team scurries from one end of the gym to the other to congratulate her. Those girls are super strong though!

Then it was Rach and Chels's Birthday! Elise and I stayed up late and made posters to decorate our house, then we got up early and made them breakfast and they thought that was what all our whispering was from the night before, but nonon, the surprises still came when we took them to a cupcake shop that night. Meanwhile, the entire ward was getting in our apartment to surprise them when we came home!!!

We had to stall on the way home, though, so this is us taking a gratuitous picture.

Then all the billions of people. There were so many, I was surprised!
This is a picture absolutely defining the twins. Can you guess which is which? The one on the right would laugh hysterically at her very visible throat because we always make fun of her for throwing her head back into the eternities when she laughs!

In other news:
We signed a housing contract with Regency!
I ran up Y mountain!
The Carters came to visit me! CJ won the twin game, first try, no hesitation, and there was much fondness and screaming at our reunion!
I applied for Sports Camps and had an interview with Charina's former co-workers!
My calling is the best ever ever ever!
Life is Good!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 5, 2010

This One's for CJ...

There's another new blog after this one, if you want to look at it. You will likely like it.

But, until then, this blog is especially for CJ, but also for the general attempts and enjoyment of anyone who wants! It's a twin identifying game!! Here's some guidelines:

1) Dont' depend on clothes or parts. They share clothes and sometimes change hair parts.
2) If you want to be a true teller-apart-er, don't look at past blogs
3) And if you want to be a true true teller-apart-er, don't even look at other pictures in this blog to figure out later pictures. But that's not a rule. Just if you want to be really good.
4) Don't forget about the precious goodness of Elise!!! I've put a couple pictures of her to cleanse your pallet and maybe not have constant repitition to give it away.
5)Some are pretty hard. But you will do great! And you can just number the answers in the comments. The numbers are at the bottom of the picture they match.
I feel like it will get easier as you go through the pictures. Good luck!






This One's for Mom...

If only the fairy still lived with me. I am still under the Roy Family curse. While rummaging through my cupboard/fridge the other day, this is what I found.

Note the diddle of beans in the bowl and the THREE bags of just one piece of bread!!! What kind of lifestyle have we built for ourselves!? No wonder Mom always got frustrated! Notice also the smudge of jelly and leftover bread crumbs and two knives on the counter. This is the countertop where I make my lunch every morning, so naturally there's a mess just waiting for the fairy to come pick it up!

To add to the Royness of it all, I will also admit that when searching again through my cupboard this morning haha I found those same three bags which I of course just threw right back in the cupboard becuase heaven forbid I actually get rid of them upon their discovery. And there were two additional ones. All five will probably continue to multiply and replenish my cupboard for the rest of the semester.

This part is actually for CJ, who came and bombarded my apartment the other day! I was gone, sadly, but we laughed our heads off after wards about the state of my room. So she told me to take a picture and post it!
Haha, gotcha!! It looked anything but like this, with no mattress, piles of clean clothes and mountains of dirty clothes, paper everywhere, blankets everywhere, and who knows what else. Definitely not toilet paper, as CJ discovered when she entered our equally disgraceful but genuinely college bathroom. (At least she didn't look in my cupboard!)

Don't worry. I really am faring quite nicely (and do fill the fairy role pretty ok) Just thought you would all appreciate that common (and very strange) bond!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adventure Recap!

Hello all! Here is a mostly picture recap of some adventures! I have 12 ideas for good blogs I keep meaning to put up, but so far, no go, so have some summary.We had one Saturday a couple weeks back where we were utterly UNPRODUCTIVE and MISERABLE but it was SO FUN and we ended up laughing our heads off. We didn't leave the house once until 6, except for Rach, who left for 51 seconds to get the mail. (We know the time becuase we had to convince her to do it by saying we would time her. Thus you see, the level of our blahness)

The next weekend though, we did clean. This twin (for your sake, Seeg, I've left off the name) mopped. It was horrendous and hilarious. But we passed our cleaning check!
Elise is still the most precious of us all. Who has footies? Elise, that's who!
We also had a weekend awhile back where we went to the Stanford vball game, and we happened to be sitting next to Sarahho! So it was good times. Look at our eyes!! It was THE BEST volleyball game I have ever watched, hands down.
We had to walk home in the snow that night. Don't worry, neither Chels nor I had coats.
But it was fun to play in the snow aftewards! You can tell in this picture who's from Arizona (light jacket Nathan on the left), who's from a cold climate (prepared Lori and Hannah in the middle), and who's from Canada (weirdie T-shirt Carson on the right).
Afterwards followed a sleepover with the girls. Joy!
The next morning our local eccentric artist spent 6 hours carving this beaut. It stood probably 7 feet tall and 48 hours before it started leaning and melting then just crumbling. But man, did it attract the crowds until that point in time. It was fun to watch the master work right outside our window.
This last weekend we had a beach dance, which was hot and fun. And we had to most people from our ward come, so I am glad to be in a good, fun ward.
We even took Lizy, the twins' 13 year old sister! Their sisters and friend came up for the weekend. Sleepover followed.

This weekend was also the Utah game, people started camping out on Monday for the Saturday night game! Rockband, grill, the whole nine yards, it was crazy!This girl obviously did not sleep the whole week. She, beleive it or not, is acutally sleeping in this picture!
We waited in line for 4 hours and it was cold but fun!
The half time show!!! WOO!! Remember that video of jump roping hooligans Sis. Daley sent us!? Yeah, it was those kids in the flesh, and they were impressive!!

We won, sporting our nike sponsored pink cancer outfits, which grew on us after awhile. It was a very intense game, and we had blast! No snowy walk home, luckily, and I think it's actually getting warmer in Provo!

Life is good, we also went house hunting, which was an adventure. I signed up for spring classes and am turning in my sports camp counselor application. Lots of boys are getting their mission calls. I love, love, love my calling! I run, around and out of food, and Wyview is great! I'm exploring major options and now, I am needing to go study for a Book of Mormon quiz before my inner tube water polo intramural game! (blog to follow, you can be sure! You will laugh your heads off)
Sorry about the weird underlineness that may or may not show up. Blogger is not the most dependable system, but it gets the job done. All is bliss! Look for my new blogs coming up, I'm trying to make time for them because they should be pretty good. Thanks for looking!