Friday, November 7, 2014

Just a regular ol' update

Nothing too exciting to report, but I noticed I have a lot of relatively interesting pictures on my phone. 

Guess who came to visit last month? 
Kat! And her very, very tall husband. She is standing on a chair. It was quite good to see them and made many hilarious memories come back. Good reunion. 

This isn't that cool, but I made this banner in my first year working at the Grounds office and I was dropping Billy off on campus and saw that they are still using it haha! It made me happy, even though I was quite embarrassed at the design and pleased to see that my design skills have improved over the years.  

My cross country season finished off strong with a great awards ceremony and lots of sweet hardware, much of which my own team members claimed. I was so proud!

And so sad the season was ending that I extended it and had free, casual practices for a couple weeks. Now it's really over, but here's the party we had for our last formal practice. 

Oh, how I love these runners!

Mom and Dad and Doug came!

I still am running through the hills and these are the moments when I am supremely happy. I will be so sad when it snows for real in the mountains. 

Me and Bum Andy and Billy ran the Halloween 5k. 

Billy bought another plant--a pineapple!

We went with Bum and Andy to the Halloween lifts. They were fun again!

We ended up with some carrots in our garden! 

(Billy's making such a weird face because all I wanted him to do was smile so of course he pretended to smile until the last second before I shot the picture and now I have 18 pictures of Billy holding carrots with weird faces)

Trunk or Treat! Billy made this spider and some of the kids were genuinely afraid of it. 

We also had the kids do the minute-to-win-it games that mom had the reunion. They thought it was pretty fun. 

We went to the Manti temple and when we stopped for gas on the way home, these huge candies were available. You can't see the details, but those reese's are half pound cups and that Hershey's weighs 5 lbs and costs $40. Whoa. 

Ok that's it. Like I say, nothing too exciting but we are happy and doing good. Billy is still actually pretty busy becuase the weather is just still warm, but he has definitely slowed down. He is almost done with college! And that's all. Happy November!