Monday, March 23, 2015

Project Pictures!

In my post below, which was posted before this one, I told you I would get some pictures of Billy's sweet project that he's working on right now. Well, here they are! The homeowners love, love, love it so far so that is good, but the pictures I think just do not do it justice and mostly look like a bunch of rocks. The beauty of the plants and sod will come later, for now, you can just appreciate that Billy somehow took a pile of rocks and a hillside and turned it into a mountain waterfall!

Also, he has a very cool video of this project and the water feature all done and running, but it was too big so, no luck. See it when you come visit us. He's done all this work in like 2 weeks! 

So you can see that wall of rocks behind the mini-ex was already there, and they wanted Billy to build a stream that came in waterfalls down on either side of the wall. So he did. 
The area dug out in this picture is where he would build stairs on the side of one of the waterfalls. 

And these are the stairs. There will be grass and stuff in between and alongside where there are just patches right now. But look out those stairs! Somehow Billy put them there.  

This is the right waterfall, in progress. It's done now, but I guess this is as good a picture you get for now.  

And the left waterfall. 

And now he's working on this flagstone patio, which is sweet! But also he didn't send me a good picture of some of the flagstone already laid so you'll have to wait until that's done to see it.  There's another patio in the works behind where he's standing in this picture. And you can kinda see the whole waterfall/stair/rock wall ensemble in the back if you open this picture up big. 

Anyway, there you go! I'm excited for it to be done done and actually see it in real life! 

We bought a house!

Actually, we didn't. We just bought this huge trailer that could serve as a house if we get desperate (which some days we do, but that's a whole different story). 

Anyway, sweet trailer! Billy has been needing one of these for so long and I think it was a good investment.

Now he's building shelves in it.

Our poor neighbors. We now have a shed, two trailers, two trucks, the occasional bobcat&trailer, garden boxes and an Oldsmobile all squeezed onto this little property. They are patient and kind. 
This picture is a little dark, but I took it because just look at all that big stuff. The business needs more room. Though we are very grateful for the space we have had thus far. 

Here are some other random pictures. 

We house/dog sat for Billy's mom a couple weeks ago. Charlie is a nut case.  

Look at that little creeper! 

Jamie and Dad and Billy put in Jamie's new counters and Billy was the elected contortionist plumber (probably with the typical crack, though you can't really see it haha!) 

I can't run since I got the cerclage so Billy now accompanies me on leisurely hikes through the mountains. I don't get nearly as far, but it is a good time and I'm happy I can still go into my mountains. 

Jamie! I regret not buying this! 

Billy has been working on a sweet project in Alpine! It is so cool! But I don't have pictures of it so when I get them I will make a separate post because it is sweet and the homeowners are SO pumped, which is always good. 

But while he was building a flagstone patio for them he was hammering in the flagstone with a dead blow mallet and someone distracted him and he smashed his finger!! OUCH! It gives me the shivers still, and every time I looked at it. It got so swollen and so nasty. (side note that what looks like a bruise running down the side of his finger is just a tar stain. But the finger tip is definitely all bruise!) 
Anyway, it was causing him great pain and discomfort so Mom and Jimmy and the internet finally confirmed that he could poke a hole in the nail to relieve the pressure so there was surgery 
And I didn't take a picture of the actual deed, but when he poked that red hot paper clip into his nail there was a little explosion and a river of blood. augh!! It was horrible! and then it just bled and bled and bled for like 4 more hours! In fact, after awhile you could watch the little bubble of blood coming out of the hole and it just pulsed in time with his heartbeat haha gross. And now I"m nervous he's going to get an infection! But it's already a lot less swollen and bruised so maybe that was good. 

That's pretty much it for now. Baby boy is doing good we think, and so is my cervix, we think, but we still very much hold our breaths every day. Too many soul-exhausting-dodecahedron emotions we anticipated might be hard but could not even imagine how hard, but Billy saves me every day and so we will be all right. 

And so on to my favorite holiday ever and garden planting soon! And hopefully finding a new place to live!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Carter Hilarity

When CJ and Eric took their President's Day trip and Jamie had the kids, Jamie had a thing at one point so we got the kids for a few hours and it was nothing short of pure Carter hilarity! We always have fun when the Carter kids come to our house, but this time was especially funny because all of my dress up clothes was out and they went to town with that goodness. 

Being a fancy lady was automatically the first goal: 

Oh my Brooke made us laugh SO HARD. We were dying. She stayed involved with the whole dress up deal longer than anyone else and kept adding layers and layers. Since "fancy lady" was the goal, she would put on a new item and then go make this ridiculous face at Billy that cracked us up and is just not adequately portrayed in a picture. 

I think she was trying to make a "fancy" face, but couldn't figure out how to get her eyebrows to work so I cannot describe exactly what the actual result was except that it made us laugh forever. I still am laughing imagining it at this moment. CJ, I don't know if you can ask her to recreate it, but it probably won't even be as good becuase she won't have all this ridiculous clothes on haha. It was so funny.

And of course CharlyAnn was precious as ever, and also made us laugh so hard. 

Brooke's second outfit was as magnificent as her first (the striped shirt is actual a pair of my leggings haha)

Viana being fancy and rich! Ram only dabbling, but mostly he lost interest and went and colored at the table instead.  

Even Billy got a turn, thanks to the girls! 

Come anytime, Carters! We laughed our heads off!