Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For Joy:

Here are three blog posts which for some reason brought me a great amount of joy and endearment to the people who created them. Perhaps you will find the same joy if you explore them yourselves:


Josh Bolding:


(As a side note, I am ALWAYS endeared to every blog post I read, but for some reason, these struck me as particularly wonderful today!)

And since I know I'm probably the only one with an exact countdown:
19 Days
12 Hours
9 Minutes
and 30 seconds

Till the gun goes off!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boston on the Brain

On this 26th eve of the Boston Marathon
I think of nothing else the whole day long
Since there's more to be said than, "I am excited!"
Here are 26 thoughts running through my head:

1. In eighth grade my coach signed me up for the mile
And though he was young--I considered him senile
2. But I ran that race and then quite unforseen
Doherty's cross country coach asked if I'd run for the team
3. Not one to say no, I showed up the first day
And varsity took me--even with a 24 minute 5k
4. I got faster that season but still was just neutral
Meaning I didn't run any more than was usual
5. But the next year rolled around, then so did the passion
Training with Buggins, Mom, and Doug made me a fast one
6. It was that same spring when a landmark I hit
My first 10k in Tyler, Dad cheering, "You Can Win It!"
7. Well, I did, and Coach Schwartz set it up in my mind
I was a runner-- my soul was defined.
8. From that point on, I knew the joy of running
Even though my junior year was far from stunning
9. The following summer I ran to ensure preparation
And had running adventures all over the nation
10. Utah Handicap race, where, when we were done
Dad and I laughed for the raffle where EVERY soul won
11. The run with the buffs in Yellowstone Park
Made me Ol' Faithful to the journey oh which I'd embarked
12.That July Fourth I was more than all patriotic
For my first half in Wyoming made me a real addict
13. A run through corn stalks and years past in Illinois
Connected me to Halcyon and my heritage as a Roy
14. And feeling insignificant while running never felt so good
By tiptoeing reverently through the mighty Redwoods
15. Then down through L.A. and with buildings every mile
Showed me in my running I'm quite versatile
16. Then of course, summer ended and cross country began
And we won first place every time that we ran
17. The important part, though, was I signed to run Pikes Peak
And began the training journey towards 14000 feet
18. The Ascent marked a spot that told me I was tough
And since then, I can tell you, I can't get enough
19. The 5ks on campus, the short sprints through Provo
Were too short, were too little, were simply not thorough
20. But that's when it came, the idea I got lost on
It came so subtly and sudd'n'ly-- You'll run the Boston
21. Mr. Mac! Coach Deb! Lynnea, Jordan, Halcyon, Dad, and Schwartz
These people inspired me to sign up for St. George
22. After months of training consuming my mind
My little running body crossed that St. George finish line
23. Was it good? Was it great? "Too many questions!"
Although just one answer: Qualification
24. Yes, there was Boston just perched on the horizon
And since that 3:34 time, it's all I've had eyes on
25. Sometimes it's unreal and I'm in denial
Thinking of the transformation from that very first mile
26. But I'm here--and 26.2 miles away is my aim
And that's why, I'll tell you I've got
Boston on the Brain.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recent Joyous Adventures!

Just a brief summary of events in pictures:

Midway Ice Castles: SO COOL.

Senior's last game. Very great.

FHE Music video.....

I am on the floor......

Monroe visit!
CharlyAnn Jill Carter! Double chin and all!
There are SIX CARTERS!!!!


Hahahah Cecil really didn't want to touch the purse and he gave me the craziest look, but i got the picture!


Today I signed up for this:

And only ONE MONTH till THIS:

Needless to say, I am thriving :)