Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We still have fun in the busy season!

There has been much joy and activity in this neck of the woods as of late (and as of not so late, seeing as I got a little behind in my blogging). Gone is the stoic, observant Truman of yesteryear. That guy talks and runs around non-stop these days and it is joyous in every way. Burton has gotten to be such a jolly, fat, Santa-kid and Billy is working his little bum off in the 100 degree weather (while I sit and complain when our house hits 80. And I can go escape to the river! geez) All is well! Here are some pics.

Mom came with me and the boys to do Buffalo Peak. I did the same hike around the same time last year and took this same picture of Truman. Maybe next year I'll do the same thing. 

Billy put in a sprinkler system at our house!! Truman looved playing in the trenches and I have high hopes for a greener yard in the future. 

We bought a minivan! I actually don't have a picture of the van, but it is sweet! And so, goodbye Oldsmobile. What a faithful car it has been! That thing has driven me through the most monumental moments of my life. I'm sad to see it have to go. 

My life is boys.

Haha I don't know why, but Truman woke up one morning, grabbed this blanket and kept saying, "blanket! On! on!" So i put it on him and he walked around like a Jedi haha.

We went to Tennessee!!!!! It was SO fun and we loved hanging with the Perezes. Eliana was especially excited to hang with Truman and I think he warmed up to it all right. We had so much fun and I loved Tennessee! Since I had previously only been there in the winter, it was a different trip. So much wetter, hotter, stickier and GREENER. Greener than Hawaii, even. It was crazy. 

Truman actually liked the water!

We had to split up on the way home, but the boys were so good for Billy and I. Truman is so funny!
And fat

Another hike, to the Grotto this time

Play day with Truman's best friend, Ezra

Ha! Burton!

This picture is for Charina becuase I feel like she especially appreciates these funny pictures hahah

Billy got to ride on the 4th and the boys wanted a turn too, especially Truman haha he looves that dirt bike

On the 4th we also carried on our tradition of hiking with the Hiatts! This year Melo came along too and we did a small portion of the back of Timp. There was still a lot of snow up there! It was beautiful and so fun.

Truman still has a crush on Melo. 

Burton is so jolly and cute and reactive--by that I mean, he actually reacts to me!! I was telling Billy the other day that if I had had Burton first and then Truman, I would've been worried about Truman. But since I didn't know that babies can be excited and responsive (that's the word I was looking for ha) I thought Truman's somber nature was fine (which it was) but I gotta admit, it is so great having such a smiley, happy baby!

(Especially since he sleeps 11 hours at night!! Booya! I owe it all to the baby whisperer.)

Family run on the trail

Billy bought a MINI-EX!!!! Oh geez.

Cabela's trip with Grandbill. 

Billy and Tru in the mini. 

There you have it! My garden is thriving, my running is great and joyous and we still love, love, love living in the canyon. Onward!